So this post is really for my readers to help ME! I have tried to cut my food budget to allow more money in my overall budget to go to paying off debt. Well my problem is...I allocated $500 a month to a family of 5: 2 adults, a 9 year old, 7 year old and 6 year old girls. Now you wouldn't think girls eat that much, but they could probably put the boys to shame. Well needless to say $500 a month is not enough. With snacks, lunch items, drinks, dinner meals and produce, I just do not see it happening! Yes I already coupon. But a lot of the coupons for items are boxed or frozen and we do not eat much of that. We try to eat organic but depending on the season, that's not always viable.
So my question to you is, how much do you spend a month on your family and how many people is that? What budget friendly meals do you have that are not prepackaged foods and at least somewhat healthy for you? I need meal ideas!!! (My family is SICK of chicken cutlets!) Where do you find meal ideas or websites to help you combine meals from items in your home or sale items? I NEED YOUR HELP!
I's way to early to be talking about back to school...we're not even out of this school year yet! Relax...I'm talking about ME going back to school! Yep...I've decided it's time to move on to another field....COMPUTERS. Ironically, I started my college studies as a Computer Science Major. I should've just stuck with it then. But better late than never, right? 
So I've decided to go back to school for Web Developing. There's a local University that holds a boot camp for Web Developers and teaches you all the real world things you need to know. Plus, they also network with prospective employers in the area, so it helps in finding a job. 
Career changes are scary; but sometimes the only way to move up is to change paths. 

Have you changed career paths? From what to what? Was it scary or were you so determined, it didn't matter? I'm curious to hear your stories. 
OMG! It's such a great feeling to have paid off another debt! $1,256 on a credit card is gone! Now I will be moving onto the next debt! How is your debt payoff going? 
I am so thrilled to announce that I paid off my first debt! It was a small student loan but that takes $50 a month to be available to pay off other debts now! Now onto the next! 

How are you doing on your debt payoff journey?
Here is an article I wanted to share. It is a story of my cousin's journey with her daughter and overcoming her developmental delays with a nontraditional method. Click here to read Lily's Story. If you would like to support Lily's continuing therapy please visit Lily's GoFundMe Page.


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