So I decided I needed to lose weight. I got sick of stepping on the scale and seeing that dreaded number. (Not to mention when you're fiance has 6 inches on you and you 2 weigh the same.... yeah. It was time to get off my ass and do something. After a certain age your metabolism slows and the stress of life and lack of sleep really catches up to you, so I decided to look into some help. I needed a boost in the metabolism department, especially because I am already anemic and Vitamin Deficient. You hear about these weight loss clinics and how people have lost tons of weight but the skeptic in all of us thinks, "Is that for real?". I had a co-worker that lost almost 20 lbs and he explained to me what he had to do so I was already prepared for smaller, less lucrative meals. So I looked into a couple of weight loss clinics. The cost is outrageous! Some places charge thousands of dollars! I definitely did not have that in my budget. Well, I found a Groupon and went for it. I am in week 3 of the appetite suppressants, restricted caloric intake and Lipotropic shots (there are options for B12, Lipotropic and HCG; feel free to click on the name to read more about them). So far I'm down 4 lbs ( I cheated week 1 for one day for a wedding and I cheated week 2 the whole weekend; so in my opinion not too bad.)  You're supposed to work out for at least 20 mins a day of light cardio as well but I walk around a lot for work, so I just pick up the pace a bit. These types of programs are not for everyone so please make sure to check with your health professional before starting a regimen like this. 

Are you trying to shed some pounds this year too? What have you tried? Does this sound like something you might consider? 

Another one of my goals this year is to get out of debt. We follow Dave Ramsey's principles. (By the way he is in no way endorsed through this page.) We have already completed Baby Step 1 and are onto Baby Step 2. I read a lot of Dave's books last year when we were working our butts off to get our house. It made me realize all the money tied up in monthly bills that were not necessary, like credit cards, medical bills, student loans and my car. All those monthly bills could be going towards the down payment of the house! 
Thankfully we closed on the house in November and that headache was over! But I told myself I was tired of living like this, I didn't want to be paying out hundreds of dollars every month for who knows what. So this year I am going to attack my debt with a vengeance. I'll keep you updated on my progress throughout the year. My ultimate goal is to have everything but the car paid off by the end of 2017. I am a part of a couple of Facebook groups in relation to Dave Ramsey as well. They are: Dave Ramsey Working Moms
Dave Ramsey - Budgeting for Women
Dave Ramsey: A Relaxed ApproachDave Ramsey Baby Steppers w/Compassion

What are your money goals this  year? Are you following any type of regimen or financial guru? What are some tips that have helped you along the way that you could share?  

So, I don't really make New Year's Resolutions but I did have some goals I wanted to accomplish this year! My goals really for this year are:
  1. Lose Weight- doesn't everyone have this on their list? Hopefully I'll stick through it, mostly for long term health reasons.
  2. Paying off Debt- another one almost everyone has, that or saving money. Well, my goal this year is to do both! Total debt to pay off this year without the house is: $28,811. That includes credit cards, student loans, medical bills and my car. 
  3. Garden- I am starting a garden since I have my own yard to do it in and hopefully save on the grocery end of my budget and help on the health side of my goals. BOOM! 2 in 1!
  4. Home improvements- Aren't these always around? I really want my kitchen redone (it's very 1970's). But that has to come after the debt payoff. These are more little around the house projects, like rooms that need to be painted. Or...ya know...completely unpacking the boxes from our move. 

What are some unusual New Year's Resolutions you have this year? 


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    Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 33 year old mother of 3 wonderful girls. I have a wonderful fiance that has been very supportive and dealt with a lot as a step-parent. (No one said it was easy!) We just recently bought and moved into our first home in November and have tons of home improvement projects to work on! We have a wonderful Lab Mix dog named Rocky, whom we adopted from a shelter and is one of the most best behaved dogs I have ever had! We are on our financial journey out of debt this year and are following Dave Ramsey to get there! My fiance is working on getting through a web development course and I am working in healthcare and blogging. As usual, life is busy!


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